Overview of the Puean Program

This year’s Puean Program Orientation Powerpoint

What is the Puean Program?

In the Puean Program, students from the English Department in the Iwate University Faculty of Education participate in a teaching internship at a Thai secondary school. In the practicum, they teach about cultural or global issues in the schools’ English classes as Content and Language Integrated Learning, (CLIL) lessons. Their lessons also have to meet Thai Curricular strands, standards, and benchmarks.

The participating schools in the program are the Satri Wat Absornsawan School and the Wat Nuannoradit School. Siam University makes sure that communication between Iwate University and the schools is smooth.

The Purposes of the Puean Program

  1. In the Puean Program, Iwate University, Satri Wat Absornsawan School, and the Wat Nuannoradit school collaborate to help Iwate University student-teachers develop and teach innovative English and Japanese lessons which encourage students think about global or cultural issues and acquire useful language.
  2. Develop innovative math lessons with teachers at the Satit School.
  3. Iwate University, Satri Wat Absornsawan School, Wat Nuannoradit School, and Satit School faculty have academic exchange.
  4. Promote friendship between students and faculty in Japan and Thailand.

A History of the Puean Program

In 2003, Prof. Tomoko Yamazaki, from the Faculty of Education at Iwate University, made contact with the Bangsai Witthaya School through Dr. Usanee and Dr. Prasert at Siam University. An agreement between Bangsai Witthaya School, Iwate University Faculty of Education, and Siam University was signed. Under this agreement, Iwate University would send students to Bangsai Witthaya School twice a year to undergo a two-week teaching practicum. The responsibility of Siam University was to make sure there were no misunderstandings between Bangsai Whittaya and Iwate University and be of assistance in case there was an emergency. This became known as at that time as the Puan Program, or Friendship Program (In 2013, we changed the spelling from “Puan” to “Puean.”)

In 2010, the Wat Nuannoradit School and the Satri Wat Absornsawan School also joined the program. In 2015, Mrs. Sureerat Kleebkomut, the long-time coordinator of the program at the Bangsai Witthaya School retired, and thus her school has  also stopped the program.

In 2018, a math teaching internship was started at the Satit School (Panyapiwat Institute of Management Demonstration School).

Below are the numbers of Japanese student-teachers who have participated in the program since its inception.

 Bangsai Witthaya SchoolSatri Wat Absornsawan SchoolWat Nuannoradit SchoolMath Teaching Internship (PIM)
2010  3
2012 23
2016 34
2017All 7 students visited for one day34
2018 324
2019 334

Past Video of the Puean Program

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